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Meeting for a drink in La Lola

27 mayo, 2016 @ 21:00


At about 9pm, We’ll be meeting in caseta “La Lola”. According to other years experience I would like to remember that during feria time most people are delayed because irregular and crowded public transport; because you are meeting different people and many acquaintances in your way, because you are not fully conscious even at the beginning due to the previous day events, etc. So it’s recommended going with someone else and also being up to date how the night is evolving by using whatsapp, voice phone calls are useless. The main purpose of the meeting is greeting one another and also know new people in a party atmosphere, may be a couple of drinks, so if you have special preferences about dinner, you can do it before the meeting or after it or during the time of the meeting but I think it’s better in small groups, as large ones don’t fit anywhere easyly and may be don’t fit everyone’s preferences either.

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27 mayo, 2016
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